Ninimo: Georgia’s First Vegan Designer Brand

Ninimo is the first Georgian vegan brand, popular in Georgia and beyond. The brand offers customers handmade shoes with a unique design, made from vegan natural materials. The brand was founded by Nini Mosulishvili, a young girl of 28, who started the brand back in 2017, independently without any investment. She came up with the technology that would make the vegan shoes as high-quality as those made from natural leather. The creator has been developing the techniques ever since and success keeps coming her way.

Mosulishvili designs the models herself, being a self-taught painter and a very experienced shoe-maker. She has employed shoe craftsmen with over 40 years’ experience in the field, who make Ninimo shoes through the technologies that Nini came up with. Ninimo shoes can be found in the wardrobes of Georgian show-business representatives and other celebrities. The shoes are also worn by famous international models and bloggers outside of Georgia.

The most important things to know about Ninimo is that the products are cruelty-free and that the brand is actively involved in charity. Ninimo helps stray animals, supporting the unprotected beings all while helping the environment.

It’s interesting to keep an eye on this brand, as it will amaze you each time with its high social responsibility and creativity. The world today needs brands like Ninimo more than ever so we no longer harm the environment and improve the conditions for our planet with our common sense. The world fashion scene lacks vegan brands, so Georgians can and should take pride in Ninimo: a successful business from a small country.

The Ninimo team hopes that the brand will be an inspiration for other designers to think about just how much cruelty is associated with using natural leather and fur in their production.

28 May 2020 20:55