Georgian Orthodox Church Sends Food to 27 Transgender Women

Civic activist Nata Peradze shared via her Facebook post photos of the products collected by Georgia’s Orthodox Church to assist transgender women.

The aid includes various types of food, and cigarettes.

Peradze says the Church chose to help transgender women anonymously.

Transgender women have repeatedly appealed to various government agencies for help in the face of the pandemic. Many have been evicted from their homes. One transgender activist Madona Kiparoidze set herself on fire in front of Tbilisi City Hall, protesting the government’s neglect of the transgender community amid the crisis. Police officers managed to save her. 

On May 2, the Evangelical Baptist Church offered all transgender persons who were left homeless an opportunity to spend the night in church spaces.

Photo courtesy Nata Peradze 

22 May 2020 19:19