Dr. Muhamed Ismail Seyan, Chairman & Acting CEO of Hawkary Pharmaceutical

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Sayan is the founder and has been shareholder of 50% of the Batumi View project since 2016. He joined Batumi View after he saw what a good environment Georgia has in real estate investment, law, and in terms of management by the government.

Batumi View offers apartments and with an international hotel brand for a luxury lifestyle, with incredible views and a great variety of facilities, including shopping areas, restaurants and cafes, entertainment areas for children and a swimming pool and fitness center. It guarantees a tranquil environment and comes with 24/7 security, front desk service and a private car parking area. The total land of the Batumi View project consists of 15,000 m2, divided into three residential blocks and one hotel. Apartments start at 30 m2. By launching the Batumi View project, the aim is to create the highest performance levels for any property under the company’s management, by utilizing the most sophisticated and appropriate practices. This will deliver significant new returns on investment for owners while keeping customers happy in the best traditions of the hospitality industry.

Dr. Muhamed established Hawkary Group in 1992 in Kurdistan region, Iraq, to be one of the biggest groups working in the commercial sector there. Hawkary Group's major specialization and experience in these 28 years was in the pharmaceutical sector. He has continued to expand the network of Hawkary Group while providing high-value-added services that assist employees and clients of Hawkary to expand business operations. Hawkary is one of the top five fast-growing Local Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies in Iraq and occupies a significant share in the Iraqi market. It engages in the distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical products and has supported this growth by proactively adding the right products to its portfolio based on the growing Pharmaceutical market needs.

Dr. Muhamed is also Executive Chairman of "TEAMMART"

TEAMMART is a huge market chain consists of over 120 branches distributed in Iraqi Kurdistan. Continuous improvements and strategic planning are some of the strengths of Dr. Muhamed, seeing TEAMMART concepts gradually increase its size and operations since 2008.

In today’s fast-moving and changing markets, companies no longer just want a vendor who responds to requests at a minimal cost: they need an innovative partner that can quickly turn ideas and projects into value-generators with minimal cash burn, and that’s what we do.

21 May 2020 19:09