Washington Post Names Georgia 'Island of Calm' During the Pandemic

The Washington Post describes Georgia as one of the most successful examples of responding to COVID-19. 

“As the coronavirus rages in neighboring Russia, Georgia has emerged as an island of calm”, Washington Post writes.

The article, entitled: “When it comes to coronavirus response, superpowers may need to study smaller nations”, written by Adam Taylor and Miriam Berger, reads that the coronavirus pandemic has upended the international hierarchy. Three of the world’s great powers — the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia — have the largest and most deadly outbreaks. Other major players on the world stage struggled with their initial responses. China is on the defensive, as rivals levy blame for its lack of transparency.

“Some smaller countries, however, have gained newfound recognition as the world takes note of their early, and still tentative, successes. The largest and most powerful nations will need to study what went right among smaller and less powerful ones,” the article reads.

It says that as the coronavirus rages in neighboring Russia, Georgia has emerged as an island of calm. The country of some 3.75 million people has kept confirmed cases below 700, with 12 deaths, earning the World Health Organization’s praise.

“Prompt government action, such as required temperature screenings at airports in late January and early restrictions on international travel, appear to have helped beat back the outbreak. With the pace of infections slowing and the country set to reopen for tourism, its ambassador to the United States, Davit Bakradze said his office has been fielding travel and business requests from curious Americans,” the Washington Post writes.

Authors: Adam Taylor, Miriam Berger 

Source: The Washington Post 

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17 May 2020 11:18
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