BGCC Introduces Adapt2Digital

The British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce organized a special presentation on June 3, 2015 at Tbilisi Rooms Hotel, delivered by Mel Ross. Ross once led Disney Channel’s Marketing for Emerging Markets and is now the Director of Experience of her own enterprise – Adapt2Digital (A2D). Ross spoke about the company’s history, the importance of digital marketing, the evolution of businesses and more.

For those of you who may not have heard about the aforementioned company, Adapt2Digital is a digital business agency which was founded approximately 2.5 years ago and offers their clients full advocacy on creating and implementing digital strategies. As, according to Mel Ross, over the years the world has changed and people have changed with it, this has resulted in a drastic shift in expectations which today’s companies must meet in order to survive, and it takes a lot more than setting up a Facebook page to achieve the desirable digital level.

A2D’s Director placed special emphasis on the importance of changes and clarified that organizations should embrace them, instead of observing with awe. If experts are to believed, there will be only two types of company by 2050 – the shape shifters and the aggregators, with the first overpowering the latter. Thus, the importance of change should not be underestimated, however, one must strive to find the middle ground, as the necessity of channel choice was another important issue of the meeting. “You shouldn’t be digital by default, but adaptive by default. Just moving from one thing to another will not work. So, we say: it isn’t about channel shift, it’s actually about channel choice, because you have customers who will prefer to connect to you by mobile, while others will probably still like to come in to the store/office,” said Ross, during her speech.

Adapt2Digital is ready to offer its distinguished service not only to huge corporations, but to small organizations as well. In order to find out more about the company and make your business look great from a digital perspective visit -

Beqa Kirtava

04 June 2015 20:27