PM: 79 Georgian Schoolchildren to be Returned to Georgia from US

The Press Service of the Government Administration announced today that the Government of Georgia, together with the government of the United States, have made the joint decision to return 79 Georgian school pupils from the United States to Georgia.

According to the head of government, a flight from the United States to Doha will take place tomorrow, on 10 April. The flight will be operated by the American side. The transportation of the 79 children from Doha to Georgia will be ensured by the Government of Georgia. According to him, this is in accordance with their parents' wishes.

"I would like to thank the administration of the United States of America, our strategic partner. I would also like to thank, of course, the embassy in Georgia, its entire staff, and the Ambassador, Ms. Kelly Degnan. Furthermore, we have cooperated with our Armenian colleagues. Upon their request, we will also transport 35 children - school pupils who are Armenian citizens - on this flight," the Prime Minister stated.


09 April 2020 17:07