Transcending Classroom Walls: UCMAS Workshop Goes Online for GEL 10

The unfortunate spread of the coronavirus has left us no choice but to embrace the times. With the restrictions on classroom learning, helping our kids advance with their mental development is the need of the hour. To this end, UCMAS Georgia has decided to offer its courses online.

UCMAS is the world’s leading mental math program for children. Based on Abacus training, the program envisages boosting key cognitive skills, including focus, memory, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. The interactive and highly entertaining nature of learning helps build enthusiasm for lifelong learning in kids.

A one-month UCMAS online workshop will offer 8 sessions, 2 times per week, for just GEL 10 per session.

Learning Is No Longer Limited to the Classroom Walls

Engage your child positively by enrolling them for a one-month UCMAS Online workshop at 10 GEL per session and let them experience the power of Abacus-based mental calculation learning.

A one-month workshop (8 sessions) 10 Gel/session, two times/week

Seats are limited!

Workshop Benefits for Children

• Explore a new way of calculating

• Introduction to Abacus learning

• Engage in fun and interactive activities with flash cards

• Connect and make new friends

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09 April 2020 17:00