Tsvara Jewelry: Past Wonders Reignited

Granulation, filigree, nielo, different styles of enameling, the setting of precious stones: all these jewelry forms have been developing on the ancient territory of Georgia since the fifth century B.C., - says Vaja Kutateladze, top designer and Golden Artist of Tsvara Jewelry Company. “Reflecting all the epochs, even through the shadows of very difficult centuries, the techniques never lost relevance. The antique jewelry technologies, just like the great cultural achievement of the Georgian nation, belong to us all: to our country, society, to the friends of our country, to our future friends, to the entire world. Today, we have this very special opportunity to extend the lives of these unique technologies through modern and innovative approaches and to continue history,” he noted.

Tsvara is a Georgian jewelry company producing modern designed jewelry pieces according to ancient jewelry-making techniques. Professional painter, scientist and main designer, Vaja Kutateladze has put to use his many years of scientific research and rich experience in the field of Jewelry Art, to, together with his sons, create outstanding, modern and uniquely designed jewelry items, based on the following technologies: granulation, enamel, filigree, nielo; pieces produced in gold and silver, and others ornamented with diamond, ruby and zircon. The aim of the Kutateladze family business is to promote the unique and antique jewelry culture of Georgia.

It is important to emphasize the significant and difficult work put in by Kutateladze, who dedicated over 40 unique years of his life to the restoration of ancient Georgian jewelry traditions. Through these years, Kutateladze managed to access the ancient keys of Jewelry Art and, based on ancient traditions, to develop new and modern technical approaches, better suited to our century.

The name of the company, “Tsvara,” comes from the name for an ancient technique “granulation” (“tsvarnami”; Georgian). Granulation is considered a significant example of Georgian cultural heritage and represents the country no less proudly than Georgian dance, Georgian polyphonia, and Georgian wine and cuisine.

Granulation means covering any targeted object, form, or designed item with tiny globules of silver or gold. The key to the beauty of it is that these globules are applied one-by-one, by hand, as no mechanical process can achieve the same quality. In the national museums of Georgia are various examples of royal and sacred jewels created through granulation, dating back to the 5th century B.C.

Founders, Kutateladze’s sons David and Levan, themselves professional jeweler-artists, set up Tsvara Jewelry Company some four 4 years ago. The impressive range of Tsvara Jewelry’s Silver Line can be found in 25 trade galleries and art-shops throughout Georgia, as well as in Tsvara”s personal shop and various online sale areas.

At the Tsvara Company workshop, thousands of handmade jewelry pieces are being borne of creative human initiative, by combining the energy of fire and precious metals in a beautiful blend of the past and present centuries’ achievements.

09 April 2020 16:59