European Commission Supports Global Hack, Tech Movement to Combat COVID-19

The European Commission is supporting the Global Hack, an online hackathon organized by Accelerate Estonia, Garage48, Guaana with the support of Devpost.

The Hackathon is designed to share and rapidly develop ideas for solving those urgent issues society is facing during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Global Hack aims to partner people from around the world with one another to exchange ideas, know-how and best practices to come up with creative and nimble solutions. Through bringing together world-class mentors and talented teams, solutions can be built for a better tomorrow. The Global Hack will showcase emerging solutions that can demonstrate how digital innovations can be leveraged to connect local neighborhoods and help people facing the greatest vulnerabilities. 

The European Commission will provide up to €75 000 to the Global Hack for prize money to the winning teams. The Commission will also provide input to the government-related challenges to be hacked in the area of start-ups, small businesses and eHealth as well as coaching in bringing viable solutions where they are needed.

Experts in their fields, scientists, tech enthusiasts, business leaders, project managers, marketing experts, designers, and innovators are all invited to take part in The Global Hack, which will take place completely online between 9 and 12 April.

Anyone can assemble a team of 6-12 people who are dedicated to an idea. The team leader must register the idea and name through Guaana. During the hackathon, participants will develop their best and brightest ideas to address the ongoing socio-economic crisis and to support recovery in the aftermath. Through the reddit page, anyone can post ideas for the feedback of other users, find partners and find the rules for the submission of challenges.

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04 April 2020 18:50