People Raise GEL 5000 for Florist as Coronavirus Sees Flowers Dumped

Georgia was recently shook by the story of a 63-year-old florist from Kakheti region of Georgia, Kako Jeiranashvili, who lost around GEL 2000 as the lifeblood of the flower industry dried up amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The economic woes came at a particularly bad time for Kako. Spring is the busiest time of year for florists in Kakheti, and many fully depend on the revenue they generate. 

After one Georgian citizen, Nino Inauri, has launched a campaign on Facebook to raise money for Kako, people starting showing enthusiasm to help. Now the amount that the florist would have received in a successful season has been collected.

Kakos daughter told the reporters: “We are so grateful. We want to thank everyone. My father was so devastated that his tulips would go to waste. We are shocked that he received such attention and support from people."

Kako has sent 1,5000 flowers as a gift to the medical staff of the clinics where patients are struggling with the coronavirus infection.

04 April 2020 17:15