Georgia Reports the First Coronavirus Death, Number of Cases Rises to 157

The first case of death due to the new coronavirus has been reported in Georgia. 

"The deceased was a 79-year-old patient from the Marneuli-Bolnisi cluster," Levan Ratiani, the Director of the First University Clinic, told reporters on Saturday.

He added that the patient had serious concomitant diseases along with COVID-19.

"Earlier this morning, a fatal case of coronavirus infection was confirmed. The victim is a 79-year-old woman, whose main diagnosis was COVID-19 and acute pneumonia. The complications included respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, septic shock, spontaneous pneumothorax, acute respiratory failure, acute failure of the cardiovascular system, acute heart failure. The concomitant diseases of this patient were quite severe,” said Amiran Gamkrelidze, Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

The number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased to 157 in Georgia. The information has been posted on the government-run website

5526 people are in quarantine and 344 under examination in hospitals.

28 out of 157 people have recovered and one has died. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

04 April 2020 13:32