On Liberty Bank’s Fight against COVID-19

The world has been battling the COVID-19 pandemic for over three months now. In Georgia, the first case was reported on February 26. Private companies have been involved in the fight against the pathogen from the very beginning, with Liberty Bank being one of the first.

From the very first day of detecting the virus in Georgia, Liberty set up special working groups to strictly monitor the day-to-day safety of employees and customers. The biggest challenge has been the maintenance of distance in the service centers.

The vital challenge for Liberty has minimizing the customers’ need to visit the bank. To this end, Liberty will soon launch a new product whereby the holders of social cards will be able to exchange card payments for cash on partner companies’ sites. That is, the customers shall use the payment terminals at Aversi, PSP, Pharmadepo pharmacies and Nikora supermarkets as a form of temporary, mini ATMs.

Prior to that, customers can benefit from the facilities offered by the Bank's back office.

To further curb the spread of the coronavirus, Liberty has enhanced remote services to better coordinate its customers on the recent modifications to its services, allowing them to stay home. The company believes that such practices are indispensable for ensuring customer safety amid the deadly pandemic.

Adhering to the official recommendations has been of paramount importance to Liberty, as the bank serves a large number of pensioners who are considered most at risk of contracting COVID-19. To further ensure their safety, Liberty has initiated several programs. As of March 3, an altered system has been operating for the issuance of pensions throughout Georgia, allowing persons to withdraw their pensions from more than 550 ATMs, without the need to visit the service centers.

And that's not all: in the fight against COVID-19, Liberty has launched a GEL 100 million program with its own resources, aimed at supporting elderly persons (70+). The bank issued April’s pensions in advance. Pensioners could instantly use the accrued amount when paying by card. And for cashing out, a special schedule was devised to avoid crowding and possible queues.

A special website, myliberty.ge, was created to allow customers to check their schedules. Other Liberty channels and information center 08 have likewise been involved in providing this information to retirees.

As part of the company’s efforts to facilitate staying home, important steps were taken for all social card holders - cards that expired during this period were extended for three months. The validity period for PIN codes has also been extended so that users no longer have to visit the bank.

Another vital step in tackling the hardships caused by the pandemic has been the introduction of a grace period on the loans that Liberty offered to legal and natural persons. The bank created a special website allowing its customers to check the decisions pertaining to their altered individual schedules.

Liberty also changed the rules for paying utility bills. The service has become free through all remote channels: mobile or internet banking, remote service center, telephone payment and fast money transfer.

In addition to all these changes, Liberty has joined the youth initiative ‘Let’s Help the Elderly’ and has funded around 600 older persons.

As a company that values its social responsibility, Liberty has already invested GEL 1,365,000 in support of COVID-19 prevention, protection of the highest standards of consumer safety, the introduction of preferential products and services and ensuring shelters for children and the elderly.

Social distancing should be a priority for everyone today. Starting April 6, Liberty will offer its users online home-based lessons. The projects for 60+ persons including dance, sport and computer courses will now be available online, and "Life Goes on at Home".

03 April 2020 18:43