NATO to Deepen Partnership with Georgia, Ukraine

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Foreign Ministers have decided to deepen their partnerships with Georgia and Ukraine, including exercises in the strategic Black Sea region, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced at a pre-ministerial press conference on April 2.

"The package we agreed for Georgia and Ukraine is about exercises; it's about participation in different programs, training and also educational programs provided by NATO. It shows that we step-by-step are doing more together, and step-by-step NATO provides more support and help", he said, adding that the package is “about access to more NATO educational programs” for Georgia and Ukraine.

He further noted that strengthening the partnership also includes working together against hybrid threats and sharing air traffic data to make the airspace safer for everyone.

Remaining committed to security and stability in the Black Sea, the United States Mission to NATO said they support the eventual NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine.

"The United States and NATO Allies remain committed to security and stability in the Black Sea region and our support for the eventual NATO accession of Georgia and Ukraine remains unchanged," US Mission to Nato representatives stated.  

The Georgian Foreign Ministry released a statement, welcoming NATO’s commitment to Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration and deepening its cooperation with the country.

“Further deepening our unique cooperation and enhancing Georgia’s interoperability with NATO as a result of a decision taken at NATO Foreign Ministerial,” Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani tweeted.

The NATO foreign ministerial was held virtually yesterday amid the coronavirus spread. It was the first ministerial meeting in NATO’s history that was held by secure video conference.

By Ana Dumbadze 

03 April 2020 13:59