Patriarch: Spiritual Nourishment Necessary, We Will Not Close Churches

Spiritual nourishment is just as important and necessary for believers as food - Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Illia ll, said. "Therefore, it is not possible to close the doors of the Church and it will be open to those who wish to come and receive spiritual strength.

The Patriarch noted that worship services are an integral part of priesthood duties and are of paramount importance to the entire nation.

"Given the current situation, I would like to address you, our spiritual children, and give you the following advice: follow the appropriate instructions; observe the established distance while near to other people, including in the temple or the yard of the temple; during the divine liturgy (and other services), only clergymen should remain in the church, while a limited number of parishioners are allowed to join them in large cathedrals, though it is generally recommended that parishioners remain in the yard of the church. Additional advice will be given to the clergy and temple servants, given the specific circumstances," he said.

"Some believers who are at risk due to age or weaknesses, as well as those who are particularly cautious about contracting the virus, should stay at home”, reads the statement of Georgian Patriarch. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

02 April 2020 12:13