93% of Patients Infected with COVID-19 Recover in China

In China, 93% of those infected with coronavirus are said to have recovered. Worldomwters data shows that out of 81,470 confirmed cases, tests of 75,700 people showed a negative result.

31 new cases of the virus have been reported in the country today, while the internal transmission is yet to be reported.

China has moved to third place in the overall number of infected people, with the US and Italy ahead. 

Wuhan has eased its quarantine. 

"The first official train to disembark passengers in Wuhan since it was put under lockdown arrived in the Chinese city on Saturday, as it began to reopen after more than two months of almost total isolation," The Guardian reports. 

"A study this week found the lockdown in Wuhan, where more than 2,500 people are still in hospitals, had succeeded in stopping the fast-spreading virus in its tracks, giving healthcare facilities crucial breathing room, but warned against opening up the city too soon.

"The easing of the quarantine, allowing people to enter the city of 11 million and the global ground zero of the coronavirus outbreak, comes as China plans measures to kickstart its pandemic-battered economy. Trains have been fully booked for over a week in advance,"  reads the publication

30 March 2020 12:22