6 Patients Infected with COVID-19 in Critical Condition

"Six patients infected with coronavirus are in critical condition," Marina Ezugbaia, Medical Director of the Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital, stated on Monday.

She added that four of the six are being treated in the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

“The condition of six patients is very serious and can be considered critical. We have four seriously ill people in our clinic. Two are critical, however, yesterday we noted that their condition stabilized. Today, we will refrain from saying that their condition has improved because additional examination is necessary. If their condition remains stable during the day, we can expect that their health will be improved and they will recover from the illness," she said. 

The total number of persons infected with coronavirus has increased to 97 in Georgia.

4876 people are in quarantine and 264 are under examination in hospitals.

18 out of 97 people have recovered from COVID-19. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

30 March 2020 11:18