TBC Commits over 5 million Gel to Address COVID 19 Challenges in Georgia

“TBC For You” – TBC is creating a program to support the Georgian population, which will consolidate all projects initiated by TBC for COVID-19 risk reduction.

The support program has two components: 2 mln GEL for social support initiatives directed towards distance learning promotion, assistance for the elderly and facilitation of access to digital technologies; and more than 3 mln GEL to ease the fee expenses for individuals as well as for businesses in the next two months.

The online platform “TBC for You” will also be available to cover all digital services of TBC and its partners to support customers in digitalization.

The population and business support, distance learning, online commerce and several other services will be brought into focus, making customer life easier in the new reality. 

In total, TBC will donate more than 5 mln GEL to support the population in the next two months to mitigate the fee burden for customers and finance social programs.  

28 March 2020 14:43