US Hit with Worst Coronavirus Deathrate to Date

More than 200 deaths from the COVID-19 virus were recorded yesterday in the United States. This is a new high for deaths chronicled in a single day.

The intense upsurge brought the number of coronavirus deaths from the time when the outbreak extended to the US to 928. Less than four days ago, the countrywide total amounted to 326 deaths, according to CNN data.

Medical experts reported 223 deaths Wednesday, an escalation greater than any other day. On Tuesday, 164 cases were confirmed. Professionals have stated that the numbers will rise noticeably as more tests are overseen and examined.

The White House coronavirus task force news conference assembled by President Donald Trump gave a statement, where the President confirmed that "the more aggressively we commit to social distancing ... the more lives we can save."

In excess of 65,000 people in the US have now tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

By B.Alexishvili

26 March 2020 18:19