Georgia on the World Map - Nino Chikvashvili's Successful Negotiation

Nino Chikvashvili's goal is to establish a culture of quality education, having made a solid start in three cities of Georgia through her own network ‘Georgian-American International School- Progress’.

In the two decades since founding the college, educating the young generation as progressive citizens has been Chikvashvili's main motto. At the same time, despite many achievements, she never tires of the desire to move forward in favor of self-development.

Nino has just returned from the international forum ‘Euro Women 2020, which brings together women like her who make up a distinguished and successful workforce around the world, and hosts them in various countries.

The Euro Woman International Business Forum awarded her for her contribution to the global education sector, and for establishing new standards of quality. The award was also accompanied by a speaker certificate, as the Georgian participant in the forum, as a speaker, shared her innovative ideas and technologies with the community.

Nino, tell us about Euro Woman 2020. What is its main purpose?

The forum brings together many successful women from around the world, and with consolidated cooperation unites women working in business, politics, or social affairs around a common goal.

I was attending Euro Woman 2020 for the second year in a row, and this time in the Maldives, an amazing project took place. The forum participants shared stories, difficulties with successes with each other. Once again, we have proven that women’s power is indefinable. Most importantly, the forum aims to develop common plans and build partnerships between countries.

What was your theme as a speaker at Euro Woman 2020?

‘Quality Education - No Child Beyond It’ was the title of my presentation. Of course, I chose the topic based on my activities and tried to talk about all the challenges we are facing, as well as the progress we are making. In doing so, I proudly presented Georgia to the world.

Were any agreements or partnerships made there that could be considered important to the country?

The main achievement is that in 2022, Georgia will host the forum. Also, I was able to get permission to represent the "Euro Women World's Successful Women's Club" and will soon be establishing it in Georgia. The club will be opened in Tbilisi and will gradually include all cities, creating a network that will bring together successful women in different fields and promote their business.

How do you feel about the upcoming “tour” in Georgia? Have you already got plans for Euro Woman 2022?

The forum echoes the identity of the host country, hence the choice, given the Georgian variety, is extensive. I think we can easily surprise them with our culture and history, all with our unparalleled hospitality.

Successfully representing women’s power yourself, what type of inspiration do you find in each story you hear?

I would always point out that women are an incredibly powerful force, and every single story assures me of that. And although I have expectations, I am surprised every time.

Many years ago, it was through these performances that I became a member of Soroptimist International - part of a women's movement team I worked with to contribute and making the world a better place for us.

All of my goals and aspirations, and accumulated experience, have been conveyed in my main project, the Georgian-American International School- Progress, but at the same time, I try not to stop. Serving a variety of social projects that will help women in successful businesses will enable them to fully realize their desires and dreams. A strong, accomplished woman is the greatest flagship in the country's process of rebuilding.

By Mariam Merabishvili

26 March 2020 17:40