GNTA Head Thanks GMT Group for Arranging Quarantine Zone in Hotel Moxy Tbilisi

Head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, Mariam Kvrivishvili, has thanked GMT Group for arranging a quarantine zone in one of its hotels, Moxy Tbilisi, free of charge.

The GNTA head emphasized that with this move, GMT Group has demonstrated a high sense of social responsibility.  

The GMT Group handed over the hotel 'Moxy Tbilisi' to the National Tourism Administration for use as a quarantine zone, free of charge.

Kvrivishvili, along with representatives of the ministries of Health and Internal Affairs, met with the staff and managers of the Hotel. Hotel staff were trained, while each staff member was acquainted with the mandatory procedures that must be followed during the quarantine.

Hotel 'Moxy Tbilisi' offers 130 rooms.

"The GMT Group has demonstrated high social responsibility in handing over the hotel 'Moxy Tbilisi' to the Georgian government totally free of charge to help maximally prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in Georgia.

"The National Tourism Administration will use this hotel as a quarantine zone. Today, together with representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other agencies, we have introduced hotel managers and staff with the procedures that must be followed both inside and outside the hotel. I would like to thank the GMT Group for their kind initiative.

"We urge other hotels as well to get involved in the important process of preventing a new coronavirus in Georgia," she added. 

The National Tourism Administration has organized quarantine zones in 63 hotels across Georgia, where 4147 citizens are placed.  

The GNTA continues negotiations with various hotels throughout the country to create new quarantine zones.

The Agency provides transportation, accommodation and meals for quarantined persons.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

26 March 2020 12:33