France Launches Health Support Military Operation to Win War against COVID-19

Declaring a war against "an invisible enemy," President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced an army operation 'Resilience' to back the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and support the population, Euronews reports.

The military operation will focus on missions of logistics, public health assistance and protection on the French mainland and oversea territories, the French President said.

The new military operation, codenamed 'Resilience,' is expected to provide sanitary and logistical support and protection, including the deployment of two amphibious assault ships off the coasts of French overseas territories in Guiana and the southern Indian Ocean.

"Speaking in Mulhouse, eastern France, Macron announced a "massive plan" to re-fund the French hospitals and care sector. French doctors and nurses have been calling for emergency funding for over a year, warning that the sector was struggling long before the coronavirus pandemic.

"Macron was visiting France's first military field hospital, built in Mulhouse to relieve the city's hospitals, which have been among the hardest-hit in the coronavirus crisis.

"He called for "unity" to fight the "war" against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic," reads the publication. 

"We have only one goal, to be united against the virus," the President said, "because when we go to war, we must commit fully and mobilize in unity."


Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

26 March 2020 11:26