Hospitalized Newborn is Seriously Ill, Say Doctors

A 9-day-old infant from Marneuli Municipality was hospitalized today due to suspicious symptoms. 

The newborn has been diagnosed with a severe respiratory distress syndrome, said the doctor at Tbilisi State Medical University, Lali Turdzeladze. 

“The infant was tested for the new coronavirus and the answers will be known later today. The baby has a respiratory illness and is currently been treated with mechanical ventilation. Respiratory distress syndrome is more threatening than lung inflammation. The condition is severe, yet not hopeless. We are doing our best to get the baby out of this situation”, said Turdzeladze.

Georgia has registered 73 cases of the coronavirus. 4055 people are in quarantine while 252 remain in hospitals. 10 out of 73 persons have recovered. 

By Elene Dzebisashvili

25 March 2020 15:55