EURACTIV on Georgia: Success Story in the Global Fight Against the Pandemic

In a recently published article EURACTIV focuses on the Georgian way of fighting against the novel coronavirus, calling it a 'success story.' 

The author first reports Georgia’s coronavirus data, and as they make a transmission to the next point, they write: “the Caucasian country is being lauded as a success story in the global fight against the pandemic.” In contrast, Armenia’s data is given which reads that although Armenia reported its first coronavirus case on March 2, days after Georgia announced its first, Armenia now has 235 cases while Georgia stands at 70.

The EURACTIV article is a nod to Thomas de Waal’s tweet, who is a senior researcher at Carnegie Europe, specializing in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region.

The author cites Waal’s tweet which reads: “Well done, #Georgia, for getting it right. Something maybe to do with a great cohort of health professionals and good habits of resilience in times of trouble--habits that Westerners have all but forgotten.”

The article then names the measures Georgian government has taken to curb the virus from shutting schools and closing the country’s borders to declaring a state of emergency and announcing quarantine in two municipalities.

Read the full article here.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: EURACTIV

25 March 2020 01:08