Georgia Today Turns 20

I was 23 when in 2000, I made a decision to facilitate Georgia’s integration into the global community and to achieve this ambitious goal through establishing the English language newspaper Georgia Today, inspired by USA Today, after visiting Washington and New York.

Now, at the age of 43, exactly 20 years later, I am proud of my decision back then. I am proud of my current and previous team members, partners and readers who are or have been part of Georgia Today’s 20-year path to success. I would say that these 20 years was 20 years of persistence, 20 years of continuous development, 20 years of learning by doing, 20 years of failure and victories.

Nowadays, we are experiencing a completely new global challenge caused by the new corona virus COVID-19. The world is facing a new reality, where the role of media will be even more important. It seems nothing is true like continuous learning and this is, first of all, time to learn how to live on this planet in such a way as to better to contribute to the globe, to our nation, to our families and friends.

I do hope that this crisis will soon pass, and we all together will celebrate victory over coronavirus and then, equipped with new knowledge, new experience, strengthened with new abilities, that we can all together make our world a better place to live in.

On behalf of Georgia Today’s team, I would like to thank all our readers, advertisers, partners and stakeholders who played such a significant role in developing Georgia Today as a modern media brand with a potential to become the leading media channel not only in Georgia but beyond.

By George Sharashidze, GT Founder


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