Some Congratulations from Readers on 20 YEARS of Georgia Today!

On March 24, Georgia Today (GT) celebrates it's 20th anniversary. Before we take a look at some of the birthday messages we received from our readers, here are a few words from our founder, George Sharashidze:

"On behalf of Georgia Today’s team, I would like to thank all our readers, advertisers, partners and stakeholders who played such a significant role in developing Georgia Today as a modern media brand with a potential to become the leading media channel not only in Georgia but beyond. I do hope that this crisis will soon pass, and we all together will celebrate victory over coronavirus and then, equipped with new knowledge, new experience, strengthened with new abilities, that we can all together make our world a better place to live in."

And now to our readers:

"When you arrive in Georgia, you don’t know too much: You can´t remember the names, the faces. You can´t pronounce the food, the streets, the political parties. You got no clue where to go for dinner, who to invite for lunch and what to do during the weekend. But there is one item that welcomes you in the hotel or on Twitter: Georgia Today. They offer great information for the newcomer, food for thought for the seasoned diplomat and well-researched analyses on the challenges in this country. All the best for the next 20 years and bravo to the GT Team!"  -  Arad Benkö, Ambassador of Austria to Georgia


"CENN would like to congratulate Georgia Today its 20th anniversary and express our gratitude towards their tireless work to cover important issues across Georgia. We are particularly happy to see environmental issues prominently featuring in their weekly journal and their keen interest to cooperate with CENN to raise awareness and and develop a progressive society that values and protects the environment." - Nana Janashia, Executive Director of CENN


“As a former journalist, I can say that covering a vibrant and dynamic society like Georgia for an entire twenty years is an amazing opportunity. The challenges the country has faced and the achievements it has recorded have depended on an informed public and media that reach out to an ever broader and more inclusive community. I congratulate Georgia Today on its anniversary and wish its team to continue to meet the high standards of public service in journalism. Today, when the world is craving information in the face of complex and often unpredictable threats, such as the pandemic or climate change, we need accurate and balanced journalism more than ever.” - Louisa Vinton, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Georgia


"Twenty years already! Huge congratulations to everyone responsible for producing 'Georgia Today'. As a new arrival in Tbilisi in 2013, GT was an indispensable friend, helping me get the most out of living in Georgia. All strength to team GT - onwards and upwards for the next 20 years!" - Dr Christopher Greenfield, Emeritus Head, St George's British-Georgian School, Saburtalo


“Georgia Today has played a key role during the past 20 years to provide timely news and analyses about Georgia and global affairs in the English language. Its journalistic work has contributed to assisting and explaining Georgia’s path towards Europe and the rest of the world. Let me therefore wish Georgia Today continued success for the coming 20 years and beyond! As readers, we will continue to rely on your professionalism and high standards.” - Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia


"We've been working with Georgia Today for many years and we have had an exemplary partnership. On behalf of the British Council, I would like to congratulate the GT team on their 20th anniversary and wish them success and prosperity”. - Zaza Purtseladze, Director, British Council South Caucasus and Georgia


"The British Georgian Chamber of Commerce is delighted to congratulate Georgia Today on its very special anniversary. For 20 years, GT has been the top English language edition in Georgia. We are so proud and lucky to be able to name GT as our media partner in Georgia! Since 2007, when the BGCC was launched in London by our co-founder and Director Lord Cromwell, we have been cooperating very closely and bringing our countries closer in business, tourism and culture.

Throughout these years, GT has been our exclusive media partner in many bilateral projects and events- and we have organized more than 80 events in the UK and Georgia! Here's hoping our future cooperation is even more successful and wishing the GT team great success, a fruitful future and more British Georgian initiatives!” - Mako Abashidze, The British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce


"Happy Birthday Georgia Today! Time really flies when you are hard at work. You are 20 years old! I remember your first steps. You’ve come so far with your wonderful newspaper. It’s so important to have such a professional newspaper in English which covers all aspects of Georgian life. We are especially grateful for Georgia Today Education which is so helpful for teaching English. Our teachers value your articles which are so diverse and provide starting points for discussions and debates in class.

You’ve been a real friend to British Corner and the English-Speaking Union of Georgia. You are always ready to come and write about us if something interesting takes place. Many happy returns of the day!" - Marina Tsitsishvili, MBE, ESU-Georgia President


"Celebrating 20 years of GT is a truly special occasion for many Georgians and friends of Georgia. During all these years, GT has served as a strong example of a popular newspaper demonstrating the practice of high journalistic standards, innovation and creativity. 

I am proud of the close collaboration with GT in my different capacities, particularly as the Ambassador of Georgia to the UK. During the last four years, Georgia Today has been very instrumental in informing and educating a wide audience about the impressive development of the UK-Georgia Strategic partnership. My special thanks and high appreciation to the fantastic Katie Ruth Davies, Editor-in-Chief, for her continued interest and excellent presentation of different dimensions of the UK-Georgia ties, from politics to defense and security, business and culture. I’m looking forward to continuing that close cooperation for another 20 years!" - Ambasador Tamar Beruchashvili, Permanent Representative of Georgia at the International Maritime Organization (IMO)


"Congratulations, Georgia Today! We wish you all the best for the future and many more successful years ahead! Thank you for supporting cultural life in Georgia and the State Ballet of Georgia throughout the years." - Nina Ananiashvili, Artistic Director, State Ballet of Georgia


"Congratulations to you and all the staff of Georgia Today on your 20th anniversary! Your newspaper is an indivisible part of my Georgian experience - many years before I was posted as Czech Ambassador to Georgia, I always read GT during my frequent journeys to Tbilisi. Your paper helped me to get in touch with the country´s reality and development. I hope that this will continue in years to come and wish Georgia Today all the best and many successful decades ahead!" - Petr Mikyska, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Georgia


"My very best wishes to the Georgia Today team on their 20th anniversary. The political, economic, social and media environment has changed much since the newspaper was first printed in 2000, and GT has successfully striven to keep up with the times and needs of its readers. We have many years of successful cooperation with GT and value their balanced and professional manner of covering local and regional news. Congratulations again and wishing you many more years of success!" - Patric Franzen, Ambassador of Switzerland to Georgia


"For more than a decade, Georgia Today has stood by us as a partner and promoter of our events. Working with the GT team is both very easy and very interesting. They are always open to new ideas and suggestions! I feel privileged to congratulate this great team on the significant event of their 20th anniversary!" - Ekaterine Patsatsia, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, British Council Georgia


"On behalf of the Embassy of Sweden, I would like to congratulate Georgia Today and its dynamic staff on the 20th anniversary of your esteemed newspaper. Over 20 years, you have been informing the English-speaking public about Georgia and during this time you certainly have gained the respect and admiration of your readers. The media play a crucial role in any society. Delivering information, reporting and making comment in a meaningful and relevant way is even more important! Once again, congratulations to all of you and may your independent and responsible voice continue to be heard for many years to come!" -Ulrik Tideström, Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia and Armenia


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