Pneumonia Cases Rise in Russia as the West Questions its Covid-19 Data

Reuter's media giant is questioning the data released by the Russian administration which evidently sees dissonance in the accuracy of the information. Moscow has reported a severe upsurge in pneumonia cases in the Russian capital, which is self-contradictory information on the issue of official coronavirus data, which surprisingly remains much lower than many European countries.

Russia reports that the number of pneumonia cases, pneuonia being the main symptom of coronavirus, has increased by 37% (annually) in Moscow alone. Rosstat, the Russian statistics agency, issued this information.

The data indicates that the Russian capital, which has 98 confirmed cases of COVID-19, recorded 6,921 pneumonia cases in January, an increase from 5,058 the previous year. Countrywide, pneumonia instances also exceeded by over 3% year-on-year.

“I have a feeling they (the authorities) are lying to us,” said Anastasia Vasilyeva, head of Russia’s Doctor’s Alliance trade union.

Russia, a country that has a population of 144 million, has only claimed 199 confirmed coronavirus cases.

By B.Alexishvili

20 March 2020 14:46