6 Patients Transferred to Quarantine Zone from Tbilisi Infections Hospital

Six patients were transferred from the infections hospital to the quarantine zone, including an employee of Pirveli TV. 

Marina Ezugbaia, Director of the Infections Hospital, told reporters that no coronavirus has been detected among the already examined 11 patients, while the laboratory test results of other patients will be known later today.

As for the employee of TV Pirveli, she said that "his condition is satisfactory".

“Currently, we have 28 patients with suspicious symptoms. Yesterday, 6 patients were transferred to the quarantine zone. The situation in our hospital is stable. We will monitor developments,” Ezugbaia said, adding that the health condition of the Georgian citizen infected with coronavirus is still satisfactory. 

“He has no fever. Laboratory examinations are conducted every day. There are no complications at this stage," she said. 

The first case of coronavirus was reported in Georgia on February 26. The infected patient, a 50-year-old man, had traveled to Iran and reentered Georgia from Azerbaijan on Tuesday. 

Currently, he is being monitored in the isolation area. At this stage, this is the only confirmed case of the new coronavirus in Georgia. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

28 February 2020 12:49