The Washington Times Publishes Article by the Georgian PM

The Washington Times, a prominent American news agency based in the US capital, published an article by the Georgian PM Giorgi Gakharia. The article describes Georgia’s aspirations of becoming a NATO member, giving an argumentative analysis of why the Eastern European nation has to enter the Alliance. The article is named: “Georgia deserves membership in NATO - A Country vital to the geopolitical security of the Black Sea”.

The PM’s article begins with a reference to the newly re-instigated conflict in Ukraine, which appropriately and distinctively underscores Russia’s malicious intentions in the region. The article entirely concentrates on the Black Sea region, in which Georgia and Ukraine are respectable players.           

“The Black Sea serves as a buffer along Europe’s southern flank, helping to protect Europe, NATO and vital US interests from hostile powers.” states the PM’s article.

The Prime Minister mentions the importance of the Black Sea to the nearby region, although not only confined to that area. The Black Sea lies where the interests of the biggest geopolitical players intercept.   

“[The Black Sea] is becoming the crossroads of high-value trade seeking the fastest route from Europe to Asia and Asia to Europe, including American exports, and it [also contains] critical energy pipelines to Europe and world markets," the PM writes.

“Georgia already spends more than 2 percent of its GDP on defense, (Spending 2% of the GDP on defense is one of the components of accession into NATO) and whenever the US or NATO seek support we answer the call,” states the PM.

The article plainly states what is already internationally acknowledged, that Russia is illegally occupying 20% of Georgia’s territory, most importantly the “strategic coastal territory of Abkhazia.”

The PM also highlights the NATO member neighbors who border Georgia from the Sea, such as Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The article also mentions Georgia as an associate member of the Alliance. “Three NATO members border the Black Sea […] Geo-political security in the Black Sea is a challenge that cannot be solved without Georgia’s support. Georgia’s geography, its defense and security attachments, and its proven commitment to Western and trans-Atlantic objectives make it an essential pillar of emerging strategies for NATO cooperation.”

“The United States has been a relentless supporter of full NATO membership for Georgia, for which we are grateful. U.S. policymakers like U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper also recognize Georgia’s unique ability to play a vital role in the Black Sea. Black Sea stability, as well as other emerging security and defense issues,” states the article, as the PM is acknowledging the US for their support of Georgian accession into the Alliance.

Implying to the mounting necessity for Black Sea security and a united NATO front, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, called for urgent, full NATO membership for Georgia. “Turkey has also long understood that the Black Sea is the geopolitical center of the region’s strategic context,” states the article.

The PM logically calls for action from the NATO heads to live up to their word and integrate Georgia into the Alliance. He also mentions the bilateral benefits Georgia’s incorporation will have on both sides, to the security of the alliance, as well as, to the security and protection of Georgia. 

“Russia continues to oppose full NATO membership for Georgia. Now is the time for NATO to answer our call for membership. Georgia has been promised full membership repeatedly by NATO’s leadership, and we remain hopeful that challenges to our NATO accession will be overcome — and soon. More Georgia in NATO and more NATO in Georgia will strengthen the Black Sea and Western security and also strengthen Georgia’s democracy and growing economy.” reads the article.

The concluding paragraph merges the most significant aspects and arguments as to why Georgia deserves to be in the Alliance. Which is not only a geopolitical or strategic location, or to guard the Western states against imminent attacks, but Georgian dedication and outlook of Western and European values which has been encapsulated in our society since ancient times.         

“Georgians are justifiably proud that we provide outsized contributions to the vital trans-Atlantic alliance. We seek to demonstrate our deeply-rooted attachment to Western civilization and values through practical acts that strengthen both our resolve and our defenses against those who do not share them. Black Sea security is essential to global peace and stability, and Georgia is a steadfast partner in Western solidarity. For those reasons, our NATO friends should deliver on the promise of Georgia’s entry into this vital security organization.” concludes the article.

By Beka Alexishvili

25 February 2020 15:49