Georgian Wines & Spirits – A Georgian Wine Fan in the United States

The process of introducing Georgian wine to the world is ongoing. More and more people around the globe are trying to become the ambassadors of Georgian Wine. Georgian Wines and Spirits (GWS) is one company among them, facilitating the process of popularizing Georgian wine, and it is becoming a “big player” on the market. Georgian Wines and Spirits is also telling the world about ancient Georgian traditions. The company was founded in 2009, but conditioned by the increase of interest in Georgian wine, during the past two years, Georgian Wines and Spirits has been especially active.

“We aim to give Georgian wine a well-deserved place on the American market, a place next to French and Italian wine,” founder and sommelier Ucha Tsiklauri told Entrepreneur. “To make that happen, we go door to door of hotels and restaurants. We present Georgian wine at the US wine festivals, and we introduce it to everyone. Simultaneously, we are closely partnered with Georgian companies and Georgian winemakers, to improve and sometimes protect wine quality”.

Since the American market does not know Georgian wine well, the company’s strategy from the very beginning was to present the wine at its best.

“Georgian wine is little-known to Americans,” Ucha notes. “The majority tried Georgian wine back when wines of very low-quality, or unknown origin, were imported to the US. That continues to be a problem to this day. So, we have to face and overcome many challenges. We have a team of very professional sommeliers. We brought them to Georgia and presented the unique Georgian wine to them on the spot”.

Now, Georgian Wines and Spirits is exclusively partnered with Askaneli Brothers, a company that, as they say, produces extraordinarily good wine and has a progressive approach towards the wine industry.

“Knowing how to make wine does not mean you know how to the business, though,” Ucha says. “Everything matters here – the quality control, the point of view, keeping the authentic character while synthesizing traditional and contemporary ways. Askaneli Brothers know how to manage all of that. However, the American market differs a lot from the Russian and post-Soviet markets. We have already brought Georgian wine to Hotel Delano, which belongs to Madonna, and to three restaurants of the famous American restaurateur Stephen Starr. Also, you’ll spot Askaneli Brothers ‘Mukuzani’ on the menu of Chef Makoto and in the Marriott hotels. We can sum it up by saying that the US Sommelier Association now starts their Sommelier Masterclass by presenting the wine of Askaneli Brothers”.

The company and the team behind it can proudly say that they have already gotten into the depths of the American market, from Boston to Miami and the territory of California. The outcome is clear, and it is evident that Americans are fans of Georgian wine, though they still don’t know it too well. For them to become more aware of the Georgian wine, it is crucial to unite the powers of different sectors and start a big marketing campaign to position Georgian wine on the market. The company team believes that it is very important to use the current situation of Georgian wine in the United States correctly.

“The American President has increased tariffs on EU wines and he threatens that it will go even higher. This is exactly the time for us to try and substitute the European wines. Of course, at this point we cannot compete with Chateau Margot and Chateau Obrien, but if, in the future, there are stands in the wine shops with Georgian written on them, and Georgian wine is as popular as they are, then we will have a hope that in time other famous wines will have to step down and make way for he Georgian wine,” Ucha says.

On the way to reaching that goal, with the company team’s tireless efforts, Georgian wine is being honorably presented on the American market in an ongoing process.

The team is united over the spirit of leaving behind for the next generations something to be extremely proud of, like the older generations did with the traditions of making Georgian wine. This motivation is something that gives them their energy.

Georgian Wines and Spirits has done a tremendous job to get where they are today. However, everything is just beginning. The company has big hopes for the future and plans huge leaps forward. They believe that to raise awareness of Georgian wine, it is important to have high-quality wines and have them in the right place, at the right time. That is why they pay tremendous attention to the issue. Georgian Wines and Spirits is ready to consult with any company and maker of Georgian wine who wishes to enter and settle in the American market.

“We are open to help anyone in whatever way we can. Contact us,” the GWS founder says.

First published by Entrepeneur Georgia.

24 February 2020 19:22