5 Reasons to Visit Area Expo 2020 – The Largest Real Estate Expo

Area Expo 2020, Georgia’s largest real estate exhibition-sale, will take place on April 4-5 at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace. Area Group is holding the event for the third time in Tbilisi.

Area Expo is a platform where Georgian developers and financial institutions presented on the Georgian market gather in one space to provide those interested in real estate access to diverse products and financial resources.

Here are 5 main reasons why you should not miss out on this event:

1. Easy to choose and even easier to make the right decision.

Property purchase is a complicated and time-consuming process. This is especially true on the Georgian real estate market, as the alternatives are distinctive and wide in range. The development sector takes almost 10% of the country’s GDP, thus presenting one of the leaders in the economic sector in Georgia. Area Expo was created with the main idea to ease the purchasing process of property in Georgia by gathering construction and development companies in one space over two days every year, with special offers for real estate buyers. At the same time, the event promotes real estate market possibilities countrywide and supports development companies to increase their brand awareness. It is extremely easy and flexible for both sides to meet in one space and enjoy face-to-face negotiations. Banks are also able to present themselves and provide accurate information about financial resources and the conditions of mortgages.

2. Accurate source of information for the trends of the Georgian real estate market.

Are you interested in keeping an eye on real estate market development in Georgia? Or are you planning to make an investment or starting a business in this field? Then Area Expo is the event you should visit first. Here, you will find accurate information on how the market is developing; what the main trends and the concepts are; what the demands for property and categories of product are, and more! What’s more, the Business Forum on April 4 on the latest trends and innovations in the development sector will guide you to the latest news and market expectations of the Georgian real estate sector.

3. Source of useful information to choose the right property wisely.

One of the main reasons property purchase is complicated is the lack of useful information on how to find a property that fits your needs in the best way; and on what the components are that we need to pay attention to before we make a decision. Have you bought a property for economic activity such as renting out for additional income? Or maybe you are looking for advice to keep coziness at home and also want to know more about modern trends in design? Find answers to these and more questions from experts in the field on April 5, the second day of Area Expo. Seminars and workshops are organized under the supervision of marketer.ge, who gathers field experts to share their valuable insight.

4. Networking and contacts – networking and business contacts are how we build and develop a successful business.

If you’re active in the real estate sector in Georgia, then Area Expo is for you- helping you make exciting partnerships and to network with colleagues, potential partners and contacts to develop your business further. This is an event gathering the main players on the real estate market, investors, business associates, real estate brokers, architects and renovation companies and their representatives in one space.

5. Area Expo as a festival and huge two-day sales event in real estate in Georgia

The main reason you should not miss out on Area Expo is the real estate exhibition and sales, offering you the chance to benefit from discounts and special offers provided by participant developers. Confidently and easily select the property that meets your needs and benefit from special offers. Feel special: you are a welcome guest at the event.

Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required, via: www.areaexpo.ge

Join us at the Sheraton Grand Metekhi Palace for the Area Expo on April 4-5, 2020. Area Expo represents an annual exhibition-sale, an exhibition likewise interesting for those who want to find information about the real estate market and to study it.

24 February 2020 19:19