Platforma Design Hotel- Bringing Art into a Fancy Hotel Life

Platforma Hotel was opened in 2019 following two years’ of construction. It stands out with its distinctive interior design, including walls that are embellished with manifold and multiform works of art; a beautiful mixture of paintings by legendary artists with the more state-of-the-art, street-style aesthetic.

The hotel is situated in one of Tbilisi’s historical areas, next to Gudiashvili Square, which has retained its pristine look and some of Tbilisi’s unique architectural masterpieces. Irakli Abashidze and Dimitri Shapakidze designed the hotel, being among the country’s leading architects. The façade, which represents a fusion of classical and modern architectural patterns, epitomizes a merger between the city’s past and present.

No two rooms are alike at Platforma, as a group of local artists were hand-picked to transform each of the hotel’s rooms into livable works of art.

The hotel’s cuisine offers a unique variety of Georgian traditional dishes. Guests can also choose from a broad selection of Georgian wines, and they are welcome to taste various brands and types. But the hotel’s most charming feature is its serene backyard, ensconced between brick walls constructed in the traditional Georgian style to provide a place where you can decompress and rest in the open air.

To learn more about this standout venue and to find out why it is a must-stay for travelers to Georgia, GEORGIA TODAY decided to talk to the Head Chef, Giorgi Potskhverashvili.

Where does your love for the culinary arts come from?

Since my childhood, I’ve always been interested in cooking, often helping my dad to process meat and cheese. I decided to take professional courses in cooking and started participating in masterclasses, training events, and other activities and, before I knew it, I was offered my first job at the Nikala Restaurant, which ranked among the top restaurants in town at that time. I should give credit to Malkhaz Maisashvili, who taught me the art of cooking and helped me understand that cooking is more than just making food. Indeed, it is real art where you can unleash your power of imagination and emotions. Cookery became a part of my life, which I shared with my two brothers; so, all three of us are now involved in it. It became a kind of family tradition.

How did you come to Platforma Hotel’s restaurant Idialia?

The Restaurant Idialia was still being renovated when I was offered a job there. I was really interested in their concept, so I grabbed the chance. We designed and set up the kitchen together and decided to focus on Georgian cuisine. Why promote the cuisines of other countries when we have so much potential to renew and refine the Georgian one? I believe we need to appreciate and preserve both the Georgian cuisine and wines. In restaurant Idilia, every dish is special. I leave it to our guests and their taste to evaluate our efforts.

Platforma is a veritable haven for wine-lovers. Tell us more about it.

Our restaurant is distinguished with its broad selection of wines. As a Georgian originally from Kakheti, I make no secret of the importance I attach to wine in general. It is critical to pair dishes with the right wines, because every wine has its own distinctive aroma that makes a dish more refined and more delicious. Georgian tradition has always elevated the vine to an iconic symbol of endurance, regeneration and prosperity. Platform’s restaurant Idiala is designed to provide the best of experiences for wine-lovers.

What do you consider the key to success in the culinary arts?

The kitchen is like a living organism where you can’t afford to make mistakes. Even a tiny detail can mess everything up. It is important to work with the right mindset; with the right approach to each dish. The key to success in cookery is having the right mindset.

What are your future goals?

Going forward, my plans are all about wine. I’m really keen to start producing my own homemade wine and, in doing so, to contribute to advancing Georgian cookery and winemaking.

* * *

Though Platforma has only been open since 2019, it has already set a new benchmark for hotel design and immaculate service. If you want to stay in a high-class hotel that, thanks to colorful, floor-to-ceiling artwork across the property, feels like an art installation in itself, book yourself a stay in Platforma.

24 February 2020 19:15