The Colorful World of Fireworks – MAXSEM BATUMI

Fireworks importers Maxsem provide wedding and festive fireworks, flaming fountains and a wide variety of kites at wholesale and retail prices.

Any event in our lives can be transformed into a celebration: any holiday can be extravagantly highlighted- all you need to make a show of fire is pyrotechnics. Our company can offer you just what you need. If you need fireworks, think Maxsem, a Polish company engaged in the import of consumer fireworks into CIS countries and the European Union.

European quality fireworks at an affordable price, professional logistics and competent service to our customers has allowed us to become a significant market player in Eastern Europe.

To date, the company is officially listed in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia Belarus and now in Georgia (to be found in Tbilisi AND Batumi).

Our clients count people of all ages, attitude and lifestyle. However, they have something in common: a desire to make life brighter and more varied. And in this we are ready to help them. Our experts will help you choose the right setup and the original signature fireworks. Still not sure? Give us a call!


Batumi - Tbel Abuseridze Street # 9

Tel: 597 36 90 90

Tbilisi- Tsereteli Avenue # 2. (Dinamoarena) 574 730909

Wholesale and retail prices.

Service includes delivery and show.

Maxsem Batumi

16 November 2015 20:11