Georgian FM to Address the UNHRC in Geneva

Georgian Foreign Minister Davit Zalkaliani states that in the upcoming convention at the Geneva Human Rights Council, he will use the opportunity to full effect to put the spotlight on human rights violations in the occupied territories of Georgia.

According to the FM, the main topics for his UN address will entail: blocked crossing points, discrimination of Georgians on the basis of ethnicity, as well as kidnappings and murders at the ABL (Administrative Boundary Line).

“The Human Rights Councils’ very high-level meeting will be maximally used to ‘illuminate’ the problems in the occupied territories and more precisely the severe humanitarian situation on the ground. In my address, I will definitely talk about the violations of the fundamental rights in the regions, such as freedom of movement, blocked crossing points, discrimination of Georgians on the basis of their ethnicity, kidnappings and killings. It's natural that these topics will be the main discussion themes, as well as mobilization of international aid at the highest level,” said the Minister.       

The UN, in the format of the Human Rights Council, annually accepts an equitable resolution. The FM adds that in this year’s resolution, the topics will circle around the international aid in the occupied territories of Georgia.

Zalkaliani will also highlight the recent cyber-attacks on Georgia by the Russian Federation and will seek to gain attention on cyber-security.

“As you know, annually we approve a new resolution. This year, in May, workings are underway to maximally mobilize and ratify the new resolution. The Human Rights resolution underscores the situation in the occupied territories and suggests lawful international aid in this field. I am certain this resolution will pass this year and we will have the full support of the UNHRC, just as we did the last two or three years.” said Zalkaliani. 

By Beka Alexishvili        


24 February 2020 14:37