Miners, Demanding Better Working Conditions, Strike in Tkibuli

The 'Dzidziguri Mine' workers have gone on strike in Tkibuli, a mining town in west-central Georgia, Imereti region. They refuse to continue working until their working conditions are improved. 

The miners claim that they have to work in difficult conditions: the mine train has been damaged for a week, meaning they have to walk six kilometers to perform their duties.

The Georgian Trade Union is involved in negotiations with the company, saying that they have real suggestions on how to overcome the crisis.

Previously, in September 2019, up to 30 workers went on strike in Mindeli and Dzidziguri mines, demanding delayed salaries. 

The Georgian Trade Union reported that the miners should have received their salaries by September 15, however, their employers left them without money and were unable to say when the salaries would be paid. 

In turn, the employer company Saqnakshiri LTD stated that it was facing financial problems, and the workers were informed about it. 

The crisis at that time was resolved after the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava, met with the miners on strike and promised them that they would receive their salaries within a few days, and the working environment would also be improved in the future. 

As promised, the workers received salaries in two days and the protests were stopped. 

“The new investor, Steel Investment Trades Company, has fulfilled its first promise and fully paid the delayed salaries of local miners in Tkibuli. So, the first, most important issue, has been resolved,” the Minister stated at the time. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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24 February 2020 12:00