Putin’s Comments on Ukraine as the Situation in Luhansk Intensifies

Putin sat down with TASS newsgroup reporters, in the televised project ‘20 Questions with Vladimir Putin’. The Russian President pointed out some interesting opinions, as well as his initial reaction to the recently transpired ‘flare-up’ in the Luhansk region of Ukraine.

Putin predictably said that Russia and Ukraine are ‘not friends’, but he has a positive outlook towards the future relations of the two nations. He even implied that he would be open for an ‘agreement’ with Zelensky.

"There's always hope," said Putin, and he further stressed Zelenskys government's jittery stance on the Minsk Agreements. "Unfortunately, as you see, after returning from Paris [from the Normandy Four Summit], he [Zelensky] started talking about the necessity to review the Minsk Agreements. This begs questions," said Putin.     

Although there has been a diplomatic standoff between Kyiv and Moscow since the 2014 annexation of Crimea, both capitals have managed to agree on some simple negotiations, like prisoner swap and gas transit. 

The comment which is rightfully made and expresses Putin’s outlook and intentions is about the negative impact this conflict has on Russia. He also voiced his thoughts on the similarities between the two countries, alongside politicized abnormal divisions.   

"Russia is sustaining losses from the lack of friendship with Ukraine," Putin declared "I have said time and again, I believe that we are the same people. I don't know whether they [Ukrainians] like this or not, but if you look at the real situation, that is true […] Many things do divide us, but we should not forget about the bonds that unite us. Also, we should avoid ruining what we have."

Image source: Reuters

By B.Alexishvili

21 February 2020 18:32