National Library of Georgia Continues Educational Mission in Adzvi

The novel educational mission initiated by the National Library of Georgia (GPLG) to set up small libraries in the schools of relatively deprived Georgian towns and villages and award scholarships to the residents continues its mission in the village of Adzvi.

“I want to tell a story of one girl from the village of Adzvi, who was in love with reading books. The time came when there were no more unreadable books left in the village. We arrived without her knowing anything. We opened the door to the school room, set up a personal library, and awarded her a scholarship of the Gurian Diaries Foundation”, reads the Facebook post by Giorgi Kekelidze, General Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. 

“The unexplored side of the story is also fabulous in many ways - the professional journalist Goga Aptsiauri helped us select scholarship candidates from the villages along the occupation line. He chose the village of Adzvi, and with the help of the Gori Resource Center and the school administration, we selected a pupil - 9th grader Lia Vardanashvili”, Kekelidze adds. 

It is noteworthy that the family of Georgia’s cherished doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili decided to fund the scholarship for Lia; today, Irina Gaprindashvili visited the village of Adzvi. 

Following his appointment as Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia in 2012, Kekelidze has gained due respect as the initiator of a variety of reforms directed at the library’s sustainment and advancement. Georgian libraries have been opened in Istanbul, Kiev, and Vienna. He has created a library based on e-learning, uniting several regional libraries. As a result of Kekelidze’s activities in 2012, the National Library was awarded with the name of Tolerance of the Year.

21 February 2020 14:38