TBC & Tbilisi Wine Museum Host Meeting for Wine Sector Representatives

TBC Capital has presented Wine Sector Research to help companies and entrepreneurs to discover up-to-date market information and sector development potential.

The Tbilisi Wine Museum opened its doors to TBC and Maidan Group and hosted an Adriatic Capital event a few weeks before its official opening.

Pursuant to the research conducted by TBC Capital, total exports of Georgian wine increased by 13.2% in 2019 (compared to 2018), to reach $222.9 million. According to the study, there is a positive trend of export growth being seen in the Georgian wine markets, although dependence on foreign markets is still high. Interesting export countries for Georgian wine are: Germany, USA, China, Japan, and Poland.

In line with the survey, there are currently 5.2 tons of vineyards per hectare in Georgia on average; large companies produce 8-9 tons, and a third of wine production is maintained by domestic winemakers. Yet, in parallel with the growth of urbanization and formal production, the share of family winemaking is expected to decline. Beneficial for the sector is the gradual growth of organized viniculture, which will increase the average productivity of vineyards in the country.

“TBC is the leading financer of the wine industry, accounting for more than 50% of the market share,” says the Deputy CEO of TBC Bank, Giorgi Tkhelidze. “We actively cooperate with international institutions and government programs to provide best funding opportunities for the sector. Along with standard banking products, TBC offers international winemaking guarantees and international credentialing services to facilitate trade and export operations. Our research provides a trustworthy basis for determining the sector's growth potential. The culture of wine consumption is improving on the local market and, with the rapid growth of tourism, the potential of local sales is more and more promising”.

Since 2017, TBC Capital has been an advisory arm of TBC Bank offering financial consulting, corporate advisory, rating services, bond issuance, sector research and brokerage solutions to its clients.

20 February 2020 18:38