Beeline Introduces Updated Website with Additional Features

Beeline, a member of the international group VEON, introduced a modern, updated website that meets modern, digital requirements. With new design and additional features, the website is tailored to the needs of the user and is much simpler to use. The updated website integrates all of the company's products and services into one space, enabling customers to perform operations quickly and easily.

Any visitor to the website can learn about Beeline services, easily purchase a SIM card and activate the package they want. Existing Beeline subscribers can also quickly and easily perform transactions, such as money transfer, automatic payment and credit activation, or purchasing of voice and mix packages from both their mobile and bank card accounts. With the integrated “Personal Cabinet”, customers can check their personal data and balance.

Another interesting piece of news that subscribers will be happy to hear about is the Beeline computer game, which gives users the ability to earn mobile internet. The game is available on the updated website and new versions are planned for the future. The website is adapted for both smartphone and tablet screens.

Subscribers who participated in the relevant study and provided feedback to the company contributed significantly to the creation of the new Beeline website, seeing it updated to meet the best interests and needs of Beeline clients.

Beeline continues to create and develop digital products and will offer many innovations in the future. This will include an updated version of MyBeeline's favorite Android app, among other Georgian ones.

By Mariam Merabishvili

20 February 2020 18:37