AREA EXPO 2020 - The Largest Real Estate Exhibition-Sale in Georgia

Area Expo 2020, Georgia’s largest real estate exhibition-sale, will take place on April 4-5 at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace. Area Group is holding the event for the third time in Tbilisi.

To find out why we should mark this date on the calendar as a must-see event, GEORGIA TODAY spoke to Tamar Mashava, the Group Director.

Area Expo is being held for the third time this year. The exhibition-sale is becoming a tradition. Could you tell us about the event?

Area Expo is a platform whereby Georgian developers get a chance to offer special prices and terms to those interested in purchasing residential or commercial spaces. Area Expo represents an annual exhibition-sale where the developers and financial institutions presented on the Georgian market gather in one space to provide access to diverse products and financial resources for people interested in acquiring real estate. The exhibition is likewise interesting for those who want to find information about the real estate market and study it.

How does participating in the event assist clients in purchasing a flat or other type of real estate?

Buying real estate is a complex process, requiring a lot of time, energy and attention to minor details. The competition is fierce, and the choice is quite varied, making professional consultant advice vital. Searching on a one-to-one basis is a lot more time-consuming; but the expo area brings together developers, with customers having immediate access to up to 100 projects.

We expect a significant increase in the number of projects presented this year. These two days allow attendees to see ongoing projects in different neighborhoods and regions, all in one space. Potential clients can evaluate the choice of apartments or other types of property for sale and thus save time. They can compare terms, and compare developer bids to find solutions best tailored to their needs.

To simplify the final stage, that is, the buying process, banks are also represented at the exhibition, and consumers can control access to financial resources. Our pivotal aim is to facilitate the best deal possible between a developer and a real estate seeker, and to ensure a streamlined communication.

Area Expo offers innovations on an annual basis. What are your plans for this year?

To effectively implement our goals, we have invited My Home Real Estate's largest digital platform as a General Partner of the event to pre-deliver individual offerings to participating developers on their projects, in line with the specific customer preferences; major emphasis will be on sites, budget, functional loading of the buildings, and more. At the same time, a new registration feature has been added to, enabling registered visitors to pre-determine their preferences; we then provide information about the participating developers 1-2 weeks before the exhibition.

Area Expo does not merely focus on the real estate exhibition, but also entails a business forum. Who is your target audience apart from those interested in purchasing real estate?

Area Expo is an interesting space for persons whose business is related to the real estate sector. Here, one can observe market trends, discover business players in the field, and choose a business partner to invest in a real estate business.

The business forum and talk series will provide an overview of the field, and this year's theme is ‘Innovations in Development,’ with speakers from both local and international industries. These are helpful resources from real estate professionals, who gather in one space to offer tips for making a real estate investment profitable, choosing the right apartment, and more.

We try our best to equip market players, product creators and consumers with useful and necessary information.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. Can you tell us about your cooperation with them?

Yes, we are pleased that the Ministry of Economy annually represents state-owned property that is prepared for investment, and offers interesting potential to those interested in investing in Georgia. The National Agency for State Management is our constant partner and ensures that the country's investment potential is presented to interested parties.

Half a month is left before the exhibition. Can you tell us who is participating?

Exhibitors from both large and medium-sized developers are taking part in the exhibition, so the choice really is impressive and meets the needs of any user. The registration of participants has not yet been completed, so we will refrain from disclosing the complete list, however, in your subsequent releases, you will doubtless present the participants and their projects to your readers.

Area Expo has become a tradition. This year will mark the third largest exhibition-sale of real estate. Also interesting are the Area Expo 2019 statistics, an event which was also held at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace. About 30 developers took part, presenting more than 100 projects in total. The developers included Unixdeveloper, Binadary, Owen Capital, York Towers, as well as developers working in Batumi. The number of visitors in two days climbed to 2000 interested persons.

20 February 2020 18:36