Tbilisi City Hall to Redeem Saburtalo Tennis Courts

Tbilisi City Hall has redeemed Saburtalo tennis courts from a Kazakh company, Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said at Thursday's government meeting. He noted that a sports complex with four tennis courts and a swimming pool is planned for the site.

“The previous government engaged in yet another shameful act that deals with the tennis courts at the intersection of Saburtalo Street and Bakhtrioni Street. Many people enjoyed these courts; many young people grew up there, including successful athletes. The government sold the area to a Kazakh company in 2009 and buildings were to be built on the site. The investor lawfully took hold of the land and requested to construct residential buildings. With our involvement, the process was ceased due to the great dissatisfaction from the population, who demanded the courts to be redeemed, "Kaladze said.

“We want to announce a tender for a sports complex with four tennis courts, one outdoor or indoor swimming pool and a gym to be set up at this location. I'm sure this will be interest many investors. Next week all due documentation will be ready,” Kaladze added.

By Elene Dzebisashvili

20 February 2020 17:16