FINCA Bank Georgia Launches Personal Banking Business Line

FINCA Bank Georgia has recently opened its first personal banking service center in Tbilisi to offer personal banking services to its clients. Customers of the personal banking service center will join more than 80,000 citizens of Georgia already enjoying FINCA Bank’s financial services.

One of the leading financial institutes, FINCA has been operating in Georgia for more than 17 years. During this time, FINCA Georgia has made significant contribution to the formation of credit culture and to the development of small and medium businesses. Georgia Today met Lika Khitarishvili, head of the personal banking service center of FINCA bank and talked to her about the bank’s mission, vision and newly launched personal banking business line.

FINCA Bank Georgia is a part of global network of FINCA Microfinance Holdings (FMH). Could you tell us more about FINCA Bank Georgia and FINCA, generally, what it does worldwide?

“FINCA” is an international financial institution, founded in 1985 in the United States with representatives in 23 countries. Being a part of global network of FINCA Microfinance Holding (FMH), it has strong international financial partners such as: FINCA International (USA), The International Financial Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) (USA), KFW Bankengruppe - German Development Bank, FMO - United Bank of Netherlands, responsAbility Social Investments AG, Triple Jump and other financial institutions.

FINCA’s vision is to build a global network of sustainable and scalable social enterprises that improve lives worldwide. Exactly based on this strategy it began to expand its network in Eurasia.

In 1998 the first branch was opened in Georgia. Initially, the organization operated with the status of microfinance institution in the Georgian market, however, after receiving a banking license in 2013, the organization now offers a full range of banking services to its customers.

FINCA, on a global scale, provides full financial services to around 2 million people worldwide. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs are FINCA’s core segment in the entire world. FINCA’s global mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standards of living.

In Georgia, in terms of loans, people owning small or medium size businesses are FINCA Bank’s major segment. Since receiving a banking license in 2013, FINCA Bank Georgia has expanded the scope of services and banking products and serves more than 80,000 clients in all regions of the country through its 41 service centers. Today, our deposit interest rate is one of the highest and most competitive.

Alongside our international financial partners, we are oriented on offering customers products and services tailored to their needs. We aim to be the bank which is the most reliable partner for the client, both when they need money and when they are looking to gain benefit from that money.

We understand that customers need comfortable banking services that are constantly improving, and therefore we strive to expand the scope of our bank, its services and products. It is therefore important to note that, in October 2015, FINCA Bank Georgia launched personal banking business line.

What does FINCA Bank Personal Banking service mean?

FINCA Bank personal banking business line implies offering the best service that focuses on clients’ needs and interests, and offers comfortable service and highly qualified consultation in both cases - when the client visits us, as well as during distance service.

FINCA Bank Georgia is built on the platform developed over 17 years of operations in the country contributing to the formation and development of the lending culture.

Today, through the FINCA Bank personal banking service, we are aiming at changing people’s attitude towards time and money. Our challenge is to have people see the importance of saving. Having savings helps us properly and effectively plan our future. In such cases, we are not afraid of the future and are ready to meet unforeseen situations.

Georgian banks have already implemented the personal banking service. What is FINCA bank offering that is new in this direction?

Personal banking qualifications, customer orientation, effective and comfortable service - is a guarantee of customer’s peace-of-mind - This is the driving force of personal banking service.

I think you would also agree that we live in an era where time is the most valuable asset and when life seems to fly by. In such cases, it is vitally important to have quick and optimal decision-making skills. Therefore, with our personal banking service, we want to help our clients to make right decisions at the right time…

We believe that stability and security are the core values of our time. We aim to be the best for our customers because nothing is more valuable than a reliable, stable, loyal financial partner - the international experience of FINCA Bank is a guarantee of financial stability of our clients.

Which are the target segments – Affluent or Mass Affluent clients?

Our service aims at both - Affluent and Mass Affluent segments. Generally, FINCA Bank aims to offer financial services which will satisfy the needs of any segment. Because we believe that all customers equally want to receive a high-quality and client-oriented service.

By Meri Taliashvili

16 November 2015 20:04