EU, UNDP Reps on Polarized Nature of Georgian Politics

Carl Hartzell, the Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, commented on the highly polarized nature of Georgian politics and suggested what could be done to decrease the ideological gap. The Ambassador spoke with the Georgian media and concluded that the main provision for successful advancement is ‘dialogue’ between the Government and the Opposition.     

“As far as we know, presently there’s a tough situation. Although, we’ll see what can be done, I want to say that time is running out. In order to make changes to the legislation, a core bilateral foundation must be sought, because the window of opportunity is closing. We are in coordination with all sides, to see the opportunities we have. We are certain that successful completion of the dialogue will help sort out the issue of highly polarized politics,” said Hartzell.     

Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Georgia, Louisa Vinton, also expressed concerns about the polarization in Georgian politics. She stressed the ways in which this polarization can be overcome, while further stating that Georgia’s friend-nations are worried about the current situation in Parliament.     

“I think Georgia had a difficult road to establishing its reputation and building a democratic republic. Today, the countries which are associates of Georgia are concerned about the overall situation and specific occurrences happening in the Georgian Parliament. For example, yesterday we were attending a hearing, and the seats apportioned to the opposition were empty, which is quite hurtful. In order to overcome this polarization issue, different methods must be researched, for the Parliament to factually continue its consensual workings,” Vinton noted.           

The Resident Representative also commented on the elections.

“I want to return to the issue about the elections. In this case, a very careful approach is necessary. We should not think about who has what opinion on this or that issue, we must think about what has already been done. What impressions are left, that’s what we should think about.” states Representative Vinton.     

By Beka Alexishvili

19 February 2020 15:59