Shotadze: the Competition was Very Transparent

Irakli Shotadze has commented on his recent re-election to the post of Prosecutor General, saying that the process was very “transparent and the public saw it clearly.”

“First of all, I would like to thank the Parliament and the Prosecutorial Council for their support. Thanks to the journalists for their active participation in this process, because the involvement of the media is very important for the public to see how the process is ongoing, and I think the public saw very well how transparent this competition was. I presented my programme, my vision for the development and strengthening of the Prosecutor's Office,” Shotadze told the press.

The recently appointed Prosecutor General further stated that his priorities include building public confidence in the institute while also strengthening the Prosecutor’s Office, and restoring justice.

Today, the Parliament of Georgia Georgia approved former Chief Prosecutor Shotadze to the post of Prosecutor General. 82 voted for Shotadze and none against him. He resigned in May 2018, during the protests over the Khorava Street murder case.

While Shotadze personally attended the plenary session, representatives of opposition factions, as well as independent lawmakers, missed it in protest, disapproving of the fact that the former Prosecutor was again nominated for the post by the Prosecutorial Council.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

18 February 2020 21:24