Parliament Approves Irakli Shotadze as the Prosecutor General

The Parliament of Georgia has approved former Chief Prosecutor Irakli Shotadze to the post of Prosecutor General with 82 votes for and none against.

He personally attended the plenary session.

According to the legislation, Parliament elects Prosecutor Generals for a six-year term. 

Representatives of opposition factions, as well as independent lawmakers, did not attend today's session as a form of protest against the fact that the former Prosecutor was again nominated for the post by the Prosecutorial Council.

Shotadze resigned on May 31, 2018, amid protests over the high-profile “Khorava Street” murder case involving teenagers.

Recently, he was again nominated for the vacant position of Prosecutor General of Georgia by the LEPL Georgian Technical University.

The Prosecutorial Council selected his candidacy for the position with 11 out of a total 12 votes and submitted the candidate to the Parliament for approval.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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18 February 2020 16:02