One Sentenced to Imprisonment for Murder in Gudauri

One individual, who was charged with attempted premeditated murder of two or more persons in Gudauri, was sentenced to imprisonment.

The decision was made by the Mtskheta District Court.

The trial took place at the clinic 'Geo Hospitals' due to the defendant's health condition.

At today's trial, the prosecution demanded that the detainee be remanded in custody, while lawyers demanded his release on bail.

One young man was killed and one wounded in a shooting in Georgia's popular ski resort Gudauri on February 16.

The accused himself is also injured.

Reportedly, the individuals physically confronted each other on the basis of verbal dispute occurred in one of the bars of the Ski Resort earlier on Sunday.

Tariel Kakabadze, the lawyer of the detainee, disagrees with the accusation and claims that his client was defending himself during the fight. 

He also added that the accused is "a veteran and one of the heroes of the August 2008 War."

“Of course, we cannot disagree with the accusation, given factual circumstances. However, several people committed violent acts against the accused, he was repeatedly beaten. They inflicted various injuries on him. He tried to get away, however, the attackers did not let him go and of course, we all know that a person has the right to defend himself. The right to self-defense is a right defined by law, by the constitution.

"The accused is a veteran and one of the heroes of the August War, who fought bravely. Despite being injured in the war, he still fought and is certainly a great patriot, a person who was never convicted and never involved in any crime. It just happened that in this particular case he used the right provided by law, the right to defend himself, ” the lawyer said.

As for the connection between the deceased and the alleged perpetrator, Kakabadze said he also has many questions in this regard and is looking forward to improving the health condition of his injured client to get answers. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

18 February 2020 14:47