Adjara to Spend 3.7 million GEL on Marketing Campaign

Adjara is to spend 3.7 million GEL on the region’s tourism marketing campaign in 2016- the amount of money provided in the budget of the Department of Tourism and Resorts for a marketing campaign in both local and international markets.

According to the draft budget 2016 of Adjara, funding of the Department will increase by 21.5%.

Within the 2016 budget, funding for the Department is 5,823.300 GEL up from the 2015 figure of 4,582 million GEL.

The Department will spend 854,800 GEL on tourist products and service development and 1,266.500 GEL on management and effective development of the tourism and resorts sector.

According to the Chairman of Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara, Mamuka Berdzenishvili, “Approximately 100 thousand GEL will be added to our newly created tourism product agency, which is responsible for the development of tourism products. According to the 2016 draft budget, funding the Department will be increased by 1.4 million.”

It is planned to increase online activities and PR campaigns of the Department in 2016. The increased budget will make it possible to host more press tours in 2016 than in 2015. The advertising budget is also increasing in terms of domestic tourism. According to the 2016 draft budget, 369,00 GEL will be spent on regional tourism advertising within Georgia.

Berdzenishvili went on to say that the Department conducted advertising and marketing in 9 target markets in 2015. “Given the fact that the number of tourists is growing every year in Georgia and Adjara, the Department made a decision to add a 10th country, the Russian Federation, into the 2016 program budget.”

Ana Akhalaia

16 November 2015 20:01