EU Positively Assesses Ongoing Education Reform in Georgia

The EU report on the implementation of the Association Agreement by Georgia in 2019 positively assessed the complex education reform ongoing in the country, says the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

The report on Georgia's fulfillment of the Association Process obligations covers advancements in all levels of education.

“The European Union has welcomed the state's prioritization of education and the provision of an ever-increasing budget for the sector. The amount spent on education by 2022 will be 6% of the GDP," reads the Ministry’s report.

According to the report, a new law on vocational education is vital as it enables lifelong learning and new career opportunities for both youth and adults.

Georgia also continues to successfully participate in the Erasmus + program in higher education. 

As for the area of science and innovation, Georgia has begun implementing the recommendations developed in the framework of the Policy Support Facility (PSF). The recommendations provide for identifying promising research areas; marking priorities; supporting science and business links; strengthening institutional capacity and encouraging a result-based funding model.

The document also mentions a large-scale campaign in the field of culture (Georgia, Europe) aimed at raising awareness of the European Union in Georgia and preparing for the country's participation in Europalia.

This year's annual report of the European Union is the fourth official working document since the Association Agreement came into force in 2016. On the basis of the mentioned report, the existing EU-Georgia Association Agenda will be updated for the years to come.

13 February 2020 16:50