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Bushet is a Georgian brand founded by Irakli Ghoghoberidze near the end of 2017. The brand’s service is exclusive: customers can customize the wine label on Bushet wines of limited bottling. As of February 1, Bushet offers wine bottles in not only the standard 0,75 litres, but 1,5 and 3 liters too.


Goalchecker is a Georgian journal, made to help you formulate your small and big goals, and turn them into reality. With the mind-set that "a goal is a dream with a deadline," Goalchecker was created a few years ago, when the team behind it started actively working in the field of coaching and mentoring. "We often came across similar planners but they were never perfect. So we decided to create an improved version ourselves. Goalchecker's main concept is that, by using it, we can easily turn our dreams into goals," say the founders of the start-up.

Made in Georgia

Despite the ever-changing tendencies, leather and accessories made from it are always in style. Georgian brand bestMark has been responding to the international trends for years, creating handmade chic accessories from natural leather. “Made in Georgia, and always will be” is the phrase that presents the major principle of the brand.

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10 February 2020 16:35