Antique Glazed Pottery Discovered under Gudiashvili Square

Age-old specimens of glazed green pottery have been found under Gudiashvili Square in Tbilisi, fully preserved. 

Gudiashvili Square is currently undergoing rehabilitation works that launched in March 2018. Representing one of Tbilisi's iconic historical sites, the square was given its current name in 1988, named after the cherished 20th Century Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili.

"Diverse archaeological material was found through the current rehabilitation works of the buildings adjacent to Gudiashvili Square in the historic part of Tbilisi. All archeological artifacts will be carefully conserved and housed in a museum on Gudiashvili Square", says Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

Tiflis Hamkari (the Union of Tbilisi Caretakers) was founded in March 2005 by Alexander and Tsira Elisashvili. The union aims to preserve the authentic appearance of the historic and cultural parts of Tbilisi. Tsira Elisashvili says the newly discovered glazed pottery is astonishingly well-preserved. The specimen was found in the coal layer, dating from the time of Aga Mohammad Khan. The ceramic bowl found there dates back to the 11th-12th centuries, though the crusty layer in which it was preserved is related to the Krtsanisi events of 1795.

29 January 2020 15:42