WHUB - Unique Place to Work, Connect and Socialise

In today ‘s world coworking spaces have become widely popular and are a well-known alternative to the traditional office space by now. Not only coworking concept is getting more and more popular, but spaces designed for women are rapidly gaining international popularity. 

This concept has entered Lithuania and the WHUB is the first to this market boutique coworking and event space designed to empower modern woman, which opened its doors in December 2019 and is located in the heart of Vilnius. 

Uniqueness of this concept is that it merges the true coworking spirit: the space is shared and open, it is flexible and accessible: the membership there starts from €15 for a daily pass, with an options for a hot desk (€149/month) or fixed desk (€229/month). 

WHUB is equipped with facilities such as meeting room, kitchen, shower, lounge areas, lockers and an inspiring library of books from art to travel, science and self-development. Interior is stylish, eclectic and cosy, it’s an alternative to a noisy café, loneliness at home or a traditional workspace where creativity can get stuck.

WHUB grows its resilient community through events, which are accessible to everyone. The aim of them is to network, learn, grow, and encourage open discussions on a variety of topics: from business, art, science, and family, to fitness, meditation practices as well as sharing the latest longevity, beauty tips, fashion trends. 

As the employee wellness becomes the hot topic across the globe WHUB has a strong wellness focus to its offering, and instead of having a bar or gaming areas, as a mass coworking spaces have, WHUB offers a pop-up wellness classes, treatments and workshops to enhance a life-work balance.

WHUB is open to all, but the goal was to create a place that meets the needs of modern women, so that they can thrive and live their lives to the full potential. 

Founded by two female entrepreneurs Justina Kasparaviciene and Patricija Miklusiene, who runs an international consultancy firm working with SPA, clinic, beauty and wellness industries, identified a need for a place of collaborative and supportive community, where business, spirituality and vanity meet. A hub, where ideas and collaborations are thriving, the working atmosphere is friendly, supportive and special connections between entrepreneurs, start-ups and established professionals from various industries are made.

Social responsibility is a big driver for these entrepreneurs as they are supporters of UN SDG5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Having grown up in the Eastern Block their self-development was a rocky road and the ambition now is to touch every single women’s life, especially in the Eastern Europe by seeking partners and opening more locations.

The founders are developing an online mentoring platform. Together with public sector partners, they will seek innovative systemic solutions to economic and social wellbeing, with a focus on young emerging talent, entrepreneurs, ’mumpreneurs’ in small towns and villages.

The mission is to empower women to grow or create a life, business and career that is aligned with who they truly are. To provide a space to showcase, connect and celebrate women globally who are creating the world through their talent, work and inspiring way of living.

For additional information, please contact: 

WHUB - Coworking and event space 

Naugarduko str. 3

Vilnius, LT-03231


+370 616 96660



28 January 2020 12:04